stay together, learn the flowers, go light

— gary snyder

My name is Austyn, and I’m a Kentucky- based writer, EDITOR, AND REPORTER.

My work focuses on people and place and how they intersect. I care about ecology, environmental justice, and how humans impact and are impacted by the world around them. This curiosity has led to criss-crossing the country at least five times, including stints as an outdoor educator, farmer, and tour guide in Virginia, New Mexico, northern California, the Canadian Rockies, Montana, and more. I came home to Kentucky to kickstart my writing career. My beats include toxic algal blooms, fracking waste, climate change, and deadly illnesses in coal country.

My essays and short stories are influenced by the land and the body. I am an avid hiker, runner, and backpacker, and I believe all outdoor spaces are special and deserve protection. I’m currently working on my first book about the complicated relationship between a smelter and a lighthouse in northern Ontario.

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